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Student Life

ERMC: A Place of Welcome.

Friendship, hospitality and a rich community life are on offer for all those who become part of the ERMC family of ordinands and lay ministers in training. The ERMC celebrates community in many forms and contexts. You will meet regularly at local centres and for weekends of teaching. These are opportunities to learn, discuss, eat together, worship and socialise. Faith and friendships are strengthened and renewed during our weekends together in the supportive context of small groups. These groups are at the centre of our community life. They work together and care for one another both face to face and on social media. Our community life is also enhanced by the student forum that meets at every weekend. This gives voice to all student concerns and elects an annual student president. We also have two chaplains allowing students and staff a confidential and impartial space, and a listening ear. The community life forged in all these settings is further enriched by all our virtual learning. Here students and staff work in company to encourage and support each other’s progress through the course.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time with ERMC – three years have raced by.  Before joining I felt that I was starting from a low academic point having never been to university. I was anxious about whether I would be able to keep up with what was expected.  I needn’t have worried – from the very start I was welcomed, encouraged and supported by my tutors and fellow students alike.  As a result, my self-confidence has grown, my faith has flourished and my abilities have been awakened and developed.  I’m very grateful for all the learning opportunities I’ve had.  I feel blessed and privileged to have been part of the ERMC community.

Jo Mabey, former student

The pattern of our life is that through every kind of personal contact we celebrate our unity and friendship in Christ and become a community of love.