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Open Days

Our Open Day is in February or March each year. This takes place at Belsey Bridge Conference Centre so that you can taste and see how ERMC works. You will normally need approval from your Director of Ordinands (DDO).

Our next open day will be on 14th March 2020. Please book your place by 21st February if you would like to attend. (admissions@ermc.cam.ac.uk)

Open Evenings are once per term in our teaching centres in Cambridge, Norwich and St Albans.

The next open evenings are on:

  • Wisbech: 25th February 2020
  • Cambridge, Norwich, St Albans: 3rd March and 28 April

Visits to teaching centres can also be arranged individually at different dates.

Both church sponsored students and independent students are welcome. Please contact us for further details.