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Part Time

Our part-time programme is designed to fit in with your busy life. Most of our part-time students have significant work and family commitment. And, yes, it requires a bit of juggling and good time management, but it is possible.

Our part-time programme consists of a one-week summer school, six residential weekends spread out over the year, and evening classes once a week during term time. In addition, you are expected to commit an agreed amount of time to your training parish. As a rule of thumb, we expect about 14 hours per week on average, but we recognise that this needs to be handled flexibly. There is some flexibility with the timing and scheduling of placements, and your involvement in your training parish can be scheduled for times when you are less busy at work. You will do two placements during your time with ERMC, but for those weeks no classes are scheduled and you are not required to do anything in your training parish.

Our summer school takes place in the All Nations Christian College near Ware, the residential weekends take place in the High Leigh Conference Centre near Hoddesdon, both in Hertfordshire. Weekends are from Friday evening to Sunday lunch. We study, worship and share fellowship together. The weekends are quite intense, but enjoyable and gratifying.

For our undergraduate courses evening classes are held at our teaching centres in Cambridge, St Albans and Norwich. For those who are unable to attend these centres we offer online classes using Adobe Connect. Part-time students attend one evening class per week during term time. You can download a sample course outline here.

Students on the Postgraduate Diploma and MA courses attend classes in Cambridge. Some MA modules are also offered online. In addition, MA students follow the same residential programme and training in their local context as undergraduate students. For more details follow this link.