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Foundation Award

The Foundation Award in Theology, Ministry and Mission is a short introductory course which can be studied over one year part time.

The Foundation Award is ideal for people who want to enrich their Christian life by learning to reflect on their faith at a deeper and more informed level, or who are exploring a vocation to lay or ordained ministry. The course can be a stepping stone towards a Certificate, Diploma or BA. The course consists of three modules (or two modules and two half-modules to 60 credits in total). You can choose from subjects such as New Testament, Old Testament, Doctrine, Church History, Spirituality, Pastoral Care and Ethics. We teach theology, ministry and mission as an applied course right from the beginning. This will help you to make connections between your life, faith and academic study.

Like our Certificate and Diploma courses the Foundation Award can be studied at one of our local centres in Cambridge, Norwich or St Albans or fully in distance mode through our online classroom. Evening classes in our local centres are on Tuesday evening. Online classes are on different days.

You can choose 60 credits worth of modules from the list below:

Autumn Term

  • TMM1011 Introduction to the New Testament (20 credits, autumn term)
  • TMM1421 Introduction to Pastoral Care (20 credits, autumn term)

Spring Term

  • TMM1147 Brief Introduction to Church History (10 credits, weeks 1-5)
  • TMM1517 Introduction to Spirituality and Discipleship (10 credits, weeks 1-5)
  • TMM1107 Brief Introduction to Christian Doctrine (10 credits, weeks 6-10)

Summer Term

  • TMM1021 Introduction to the Old Testament (20 credits)
  • TMM1167 Introduction to Christian Ethics (10 credits, weeks 1-5)

You can find short module descriptions here: Module Descriptions for the Foundation Award.

The Foundation Award is validated by Durham University as part of the Common Awards programme. Credits can be counted towards a Certificate, Diploma or BA if you decide to continue your studies.

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