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Partnerships and Reports

Our academic programmes are accredited by the University of Durham through the Common Awards scheme.

Our awards are validated by Durham University through the Common Awards. In 2014 the Church of England entered into a partnership with the University of Durham to provide a single set of qualifications for ministerial education. This resulted in the Common Awards scheme, which is accredited by the University of Durham and offers qualifications from Certificate to Masters levels.You can find out more about the Common Awards Scheme here.

ERMC is also part of the Cambridge Theological Federation which enables us to maintain our ecumenical links. The Federation includes Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Methodist, Lutheran and United Reformed Colleges as well as the Woolf Institute for Jewish, Christian and Muslim dialogue, the Faraday Institute  and the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide. Many of our students attend Cambridge based Federation events such as Federation Worship, intensive courses and summer schools.Our students also have access to Federation libraries and online facilities.

ERMC is sponsored by the Dioceses of Chelmsford, Ely, Europe, Norwich, Peterborough, St Albans and St Edmundsbury & Ipswich. These dioceses are our main stakeholders and are represented on our council. We do accept students from other dioceses as well as independent students.

Diocese of Ely LogoDiocese of Norwich LogoDiocese of St Albans LogoWe work in close collaboration with the LLM/Lay Reader courses of the Dioceses of Ely, Norwich and St Albans. Lay Readers and Licensed Lay Minsters in Training from these dioceses study alongside Ordinands at ERMC, with some parts of the programme being taught separately in order to account for the distinctiveness of ordained and lay ministry.

We are recognised as a Theological Education Institution by the Ministry Division of the Church of England. Ministry Division oversees the selection, training and development of ordained ministers in the Church of England. Our Periodic External Review reports can be found here.