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Our Vision

Our vision is:

Forming and equipping lay and ordained ministers for a growing Church

Our aims are:

To provide an environment in which people preparing for Christian ministries can discover their gifts and grow into the ministers God intends them to be; are excited and challenged by their learning; develop and apply their practical skills; and grow in their knowledge of the love of God, so that they can serve in collaborative ministry, engage in God’s mission and proclaim the Gospel in the world

To this end we aim to

  • foster a supportive and inclusive worshipping community where students can engage with a challenging formational programme for Christian ministry
  • ensure the highest standard of teaching and learning which integrates academic learning, ministerial skills and spiritual development
  • offer innovative and responsive pathways that meet the needs of our students, partner dioceses and the wider Church
  • send out students who are equipped to embrace change with confidence and faith
  • deepen our relationships with partner dioceses, ecumenical partners and the national Church
  • maintain leadership, management and operational structures which support financial stability and continuously improve the efficient use of resources

You can view our 2018-20 strategic plan here.