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Active Environmentalism Symposium

Active Environmentalism Symposium

This month, Dr Rebecca Watson, our Director of Studies, spoke on ‘Noah’s Ark’ at the Active Environmentalism Symposium at Messums art gallery in Wiltshire. The event was part of the Messums Active Environmentalism programme which aims to build knowledge and ways of seeing and considering our relationship with our environment.

Rebecca joined a group of environmental experts to discuss the problems that confront us as individuals and what we can do collectively to mitigate the damage.

Rebecca thoroughly enjoyed her day,

“It was a wonderful experience as Messums in Wiltshire is an art gallery that also hosts symposia and other events. It is a beautiful setting, in a huge medieval barn which was originally owned by the Abbess of Shaftesbury. I was lucky enough to be asked to stay to dinner afterward and so had a most enjoyable time talking to artists and other very interesting people who share a concern for the environment.”

Messums Wiltshire is a pioneering multi-purpose gallery and arts centre celebrating the creative endeavour. Find out more about Messums and its history here.