The Eastern Region Ministry Course is a member of the Cambridge Theological Federation

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Academic Programme

ERMC offers two pathways for academic learning – for those with no previous formal theological training, we use a Diploma in Higher Education award and for those who have sufficient theological learning, an MA. Both are validated by Durham University  as part of the Chuirch of England's Common Awards programme for ministerial training which ensures that learning is robust, vocational and of the same standard throughout the country.
DipHE degree: Modules are delivered partly at residential weekends and partly at an evening centre:
Class based teaching happens at St Albans, Cambridge and Norwich. If you cannot attend one of these centres you will join our online centre using Adobe Connect (a form of glorified Skype).
Learning at all the Centres follows the same programme and staff meet regularly to ensure parity across the Region. The classes are enhanced by internet based resources and a common Virtual Learning Environment especially adapted for ERMC. Classes cover themes such as pastoral care, the bible, church history, what we believe, mission, world faiths, worship, preaching, placement work, ethics... Students write one assignment per 5 weeks of teaching and there are no written exams!
Student experience
Class St Albans: Amanda Duncan
Community, challenge and change are all aspects of the experience of Thursday nights at St Albans. Through eating, worshipping and studying together space is created to examine, explore and develop our understanding of God, Christianity and of human experience. It’s life-changing.
Class Norwich: Julie Boyd
Attending Wednesday evening study in Norwich helps me to structure my week as I try to balance work, study and home life.   Before we study, we always eat, pray and worship which draws us closer together in ways that support and sustain.

MA in theology, Ministry and Mission

At the moment this is class based Modules delivered in Cambridge although a distance learning programme is being developed. Topics available include the practice of pastoral theology, spirituality, worship, feminist perspectives, mission and postmodernity, biblical hermeneutics and much else. The MA is delivered by the Cambridge Theological Federation so students from ERMC have the value of meeting students from across the Federation.
Student experience: Rob Deans 
All ministry involves particular people in specific situations. Being able to relate faith to life in all its diversity requires an understanding of the many different and sometimes conflicting contexts in which we and others live. And that's what the MA programme equips you to do.