The Eastern Region Ministry Course is a member of the Cambridge Theological Federation

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Local Church Experience

Training with ERMC allows you to be supervised by an experienced local minister in a local church context. 
Monthly meetings reflect on the leading of worship, preaching, pastoral care and mission as well as on your own spiritual growth and formation. We call this reflective practice and it undergirds all that we do. It provides opportunities to relate skills, reading and learning to the world of ministry. In the penultimate year, you will be asked to do an extended placement in a church of a different tradition or constitution than you are used to and in the final year a personal development placement in a social context which will be new to you.

Student experience Jos Perris
It is great to have had many opportunities to utilise our academic learning, by being involved, leading and preaching in a 'real' evangelical and traditional church context, supervised by someone who has been a constant wonderful source of inspiration and encouragement on all academic, ministerial, personal, theological and spiritual matters.