The Eastern Region Ministry Course is a member of the Cambridge Theological Federation

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Core Staff Team

ERMC has a team of core staff, women and men, lay and ordained, Anglican and Methodist who are committed to enabling us to make links between faith and life, to flourish into the people whom God wishes us to become. We are here to make training possible and doable. Many of the staff have ministry experience in the local church. We care about God’s church and God’s world and although we might not agree on everything, we hold together a diverse set of backgrounds and views in mutual respect.

Alexander Jensen became Principal in January 2016. As a native of Germany, Alex studied theology at the universities of Tübingen, Durham and Oxford. He served as a parish priest in Stockton-on-Tees and became Lecturer in Divinity at the Church of Ireland Theological College with Trinity College, Dublin. From there he moved to western Australia in 2005 to take up the position of Lecturer (from 2008 Senior Lecturer) in Systematic Theology at Murdoch University with Perth Theological Hall in Perth, Western Australia. From 2006 to 2012 Alex served as Principal of the Theological Hall. Alex’s PhD was in New Testament (hermeneutics and John’s Gospel), his teaching and most publications are in the area of systematic theology. His scholarly interests lie in theological hermeneutics, doctrine of God, Christology and secularisation. His publications include: Divine Providence and Human Agency: Trinity, Creation and Freedom (Ashgate 2014), Theological Hermeneutics (SCM, 2007) and John’s Gospel as Witness: The Development of the early Christian Language of Faith (Ashgate, 2004). At the same time Alex has a great passion for teaching and was awarded a Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning: For innovative and holistic approaches to curriculum design and teaching in response to pedagogical challenges particular to Theology by the Australian Teaching and Learning Council in 2011.

Emma Rothwell is part-time Director of Practical Theology for Eastern Region Ministry Course. Emma spent 15 years in education, as a teacher and in school management, developing national strategy with the DfES and working as a teaching associate and university lecturer in education. Emma’s research interests include transformational and engaged pedagogy as faith development, gender studies and ethics. Emma has been developing contextual learning and broadening placement opportunities for students.

Elizabeth Harper is Director of Studies. She comes from New Zealand, with a background in law and computer programming. Retraining in biblical studies, her MA involved exegetical work in Micah, and her PhD is a literary study of the flood narrative in Genesis 5-9, especially the twists and turns of its plot. Having previously worked in two Regional Courses in Bristol and Durham she came to ERMC in 2011. Her specialities are Old Testament, particularly the Pentateuch, narrative and literary critical approaches to the scriptures, and Homiletics.

Charles Read is half time Director of Liturgy and Director of Reader Training Norwich Diocese. He read theology at Manchester University, was a secondary RE teacher and a Reader (lay minister) before ordination. He served in a variety of churches in Manchester diocese and researched the early history of Daily Prayer for his MPhil. In 1999 he became Lecturer in Liturgy and Doctrine at St John’s College Durham He then became Vice-Principal of the Norwich Ministry Course, moving to his present set of posts in 2013. Charles is a member of General Synod and has published on aspects of worship. He has (nearly) finished a PhD on gender inclusive language in Common Worship and has research interests in baptism, feminist theology and ecclesiology. He is Associate Priest at St Catherine’s Mile Cross, an urban parish in north Norwich.

Lucy Dallas is half-time director of Pastoral Studies and Team Vicar of St Nicholas' Church, Elstree, in St Albans Diocese

Cathy Michell and Margaret Whitaker are chaplains to the residential community.

Mandy Marvin and Julie Sanderson are our administrators.