The Eastern Region Ministry Course is a member of the Cambridge Theological Federation

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Introduction to ERMC

Diverse:  ERMC offers ecumenical part-time and part-residential training for those preparing for lay and ordained ministry from Anglican and Methodist Churches. Our students come from a large area in the Eastern Region of England from Northampton to Cromer and from Kings Lynn to St Albans as well as students from continental Europe. 
Missionary: We are a community which is passionate for making connections between faith and life, especially affirming the workplace as a place of ministry. We prepare ministers who can be attentive to the world whilst being contextually rooted in the life of the local church.
Inclusive: We are a community which balances work, family, ministry and training.  We offer a different and gospel based model of generous inclusivity and genuine listening to different voices.  Students at ERMC come from Evangelical, Catholic, Liberal, Charismatic traditions of the Church and these rich differences are humbly respected.
Hospitable:  We are a welcoming community where there is a supportive learning environment for students and staff as a model for the life of the local church.
Formational:  We see formation for ministry as part of God’s mission to and renewal of creation through the Holy Spirit. We are committed to being people who are deeply immersed in the Scriptures, in the Tradition of the Church, to using our minds to think through issues of faith and to using both personal and communal experience as a valid way of doing theology.  All this is grounded in prayer so that we hope that our students’ faith will grow in wonder, practical application and imagination.
Flexible:  Part-time learning is offered through class based learning, tutorial groups and one to one work augmented by a residential programme. We have a wide range of teachers, support staff and local church supervisors who support students in their learning and formation.

Partnerships:  We are members of the Cambridge Theological Federation and are in formal partnership with the Dioceses of Ely, Norwich, St Albans and St Edmundsbury and Ipswich, with whom we work together for Reader training.  We are also part of the Eastern Region Training Partnership.